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The Simple, Affordable Kitchen Device Has Already Become The #1 ‘Must-Have’ In 2022


Remember all of that baking we did in 2021...? Well, some are calling this new kitchen device a “baker’s dream,” and it’s selling out everywhere.

Question: how does the following picture make you feel...?


Does it...

a.) make your skin crawl
b.) cause massive anxiety
c.) force you to walk away out of frustration....
d.) all the above.

Yeah, we’re “all the above,” too...

However, we have good news.

There is now a simple, affordable, and easy-to-use device that can transform cold butter into ribbons of smooth, fluffy butter in seconds...

Restaurateurs have held this closely-guarded secret for years, until now...

Thousands swear this is the ONLY way to spread butter.

Introducing The 3-In-1 Butter Knife That Is Changing The Way We Breakfast

It’s called The Better-Butter Spreader™ and it can turn chilled butter into smooth, spreadable butter in seconds.

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So, What Is It?

The Better-Butter Spreader™ is a durable, stainless steel 8-inch butter knife that is unlike any other butter knife in your kitchen drawer.

That’s because The Better-Butter Spreader™ is designed with unique slotted technology that softens chilled butter into smooth, lacey strands— making it easy and enjoyable to spread cold butter on toast, soft bread, and English muffins, without ripping it to shreds!


How It Works:

“It Makes Butter Spread Like Margarine!”

To get a good idea on how it works, let’s quickly take a look at the features...

21 small, triangular holes to create ribbons of lacey butter that makes it a breeze to spread—

18/10 stainless steel frame with a comfortable, ergonomic handle that’s great for both left and right-handed people—

NEW design comes with top “scoop” that creates thick, beautiful swirls of butter (great for muffins and scones)

— bread and butter cutter that cuts through fluffy, soft bread without squashing it flat...

So why not just use a regular ol’ butter knife?

Let’s take a look:

You see, a regular knife scrapes the butter and it clumps together on one side, which makes it so you have to scrape as fast as you can to create friction and heat-up the butter so that it can spread...

This usually ends-up destroying your toast and leaving you feeling frustrated.

Now, let’s take a look at the awesomeness that is The Better-Butter Spreader™

You see, when dragged across a stick of chilled butter, The Better-Butter Spreader™ forces butter through its 21 triangular holes, creating more surface area exposed to warmer air.

In turn, the increase in exposed surface area causes butter to melt up to 5X faster, making it easier to spread without destroying your toast and ruining your day.

Is The Better-Butter Spreader™ Worth The Money?

Yes! For what I paid for it, this is an absolute steal.

Additionally, this new butter knife has saved me tons of time in the morning when I’m already running late and need to eat something quick.

Another perk is how attractive these knives are...

My sister even commented on them when she visited from Indiana.

She noticed the knives before she said anything about my new haircut!

Where Can I Purchase The Better-Butter Spreader™?

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100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Guarantee!

The makers of The Better-Butter Spreader™ are so confident you’ll LOVE your order, they’re allowing everyone to test-run The Better-Butter Spreader™ risk-free for a full 30 days.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then you can return your order for a full refund with zero questions or hassle.

Buyer Beware!

If you do not order from this page, then you could risk getting SCAMMED from possible unauthorized “sellers” on the Internet, even on Amazon.

Many times, these products come directly from China and are made with low-grade steel that break, bend, or rust— like what you see in the picture below.

You can be rest assured knowing that when you order your very own Better-Butter Spreader™ from this page here, that you are purchasing America’s favorite butter knife from Dot Com Products, which is an American-based company located in St. Louis, Missouri in the 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 and ships every day from its facility in Boise, Idaho.


“I got my Better-Butter Spreader and I was skeptical at first, but then I tried out some butter on just regular white bread and I was honestly impressed. Would recommend.”


~ Jeff P.


“It actually worked! I was afraid at first because it didn’t do the ‘curl’ as I was hoping, but then I held it the right way and then it curled up like crazy! It spread easily too. Felt kind of like spreading shmear. My mom loves it, too.”


~ Tara K.


“It’s a good purchase. I got 3 of them for the family and I use it for my toast in the morning. I don’t like butter left out, so this knife was perfect for me. I’ll be back for more.”


~ Peter K.


“I break these knives out when I want to impress my guests and get all fancy. I get a lot of comments about them from my baker friends.”


~ Steph B.


“I work at an Italian restaurant and I showed my boss these and the very next week he purchased a bunch to test out with the customers hahaha! So far they all love them. Great quality, too. Feels very high-end. Thanks!”


~ Marco V.


“Where has this butter knife been my whole life? I now enjoy butter on bagels without ruining a perfectly good bagel. Thanks guys I’ll buy more for my mom’s birthday coming up.”


~ Damian H.

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